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For Lambent Isles


For Lambent Isles, for string orchestra; 7 minutes.
Commissioned and premiered by the San Jose Youth Chamber Orchestra.  
Anthony Quartuccio, conductor.

"exquisitely lyrical" -Rosalinda L. Orosa (The Philippine Star)


For Lambent Isles is a lullaby that recounts the first parting of the youth from the guardian in the early moments of understanding.  The programmatic nature of the piece is guided entirely by the structure and imagery of its text.  Mist, wind and the distant call of foghorns fill the scene, as the recurrence of the lullaby comforts, inspires, and sends the youth northward for lambent isles.

“Sleep, gentle youth,” sang the guardian,
“Heed not the shades that would frighten.
Unfurl dormant wings to the north
For I will always harbor you.

Sail unto the lambent isles though I must stay behind...

Cast off these moorings for windswept skies;
Abandon their grasp in your steadfast rise.

If clouds should cloak the course,
And shade should shroud the shoals,
Beaming eyes shall beacon for you, oh valiant youth!
Softly, softly, they will watch for you.

So from your noble wake,
Send forth sparkling missives,
Send forth radiant truths,
Send forth vast torrents of light!

Sail unto the lambent isles though I must stay behind...

Yet should their lamps ever burn in vain,
Reflect on these eyes through the mist and rain,
Where I will always harbor you.”

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