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Swept Away


Swept Away, for SATB chorus and string orchestra; 8 minutes.
Commissioned and premiered by The Choral Project and the San Jose Chamber Orchestra.  
Daniel Hughes, conductor.

Swept Away is a reflection upon the beauty of hopes and prayers being answered in unexpected ways. The programmatic nature of the piece is guided entirely by the structure and imagery of its text.

Swept away on the gales of gloaming, the gales of night.

Swept away to the shrouds that whelmed the waning light.


Weighted wings bent in vain,

Still the light held fast her golden strain

As it bloomed into a sky of grey

Where shadowed shrouds were swept away.


Wailing winds grasped and flew

At the crimson sea’s enduring hue

Till the radiant pools unloosed the day

And prayers to stay were swept away.


Then upon the glassy pools of night

Rose a gentle glow that made the shore itself take flight,

And within her waking arms my darkened heart embraced,

Within her tender song,

Within her blessed grace.


Once again unto her silver strains my shining eyes were bent

Until the hours of night were spent.


Then upon the lonely seas made stone,

Her radiant wings unfurled where once my feathered prayers had flown,

And despite the shrouds of night, she made the darkness sing,

Despite the icy bonds, made frozen pools take wing.


Once again into the northern winds for weathered skies made grey

Where all but light is swept away.

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