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Trinitas I


Live recording as performed by the Cadenza Chamber Orchestra.
Maya Barsacq, conductor.

Trinitas I, for string orchestra; 10 minutes.
Commissioned by Sharon Latour.  

For our fathers, John Latour, Roger Staples, and Pablo Galindo.
Premiered by the San Jose Chamber Orchestra.
Barbara Day Turner, conductor.

"formed an emotional peak to the night, gorgeously weeping" -Richard Scheinin (Mercury News)


Trinitas first sets its sights on a suffering soul.  It opens with a sorrowful sinking passage, a plaintive remembrance of beauty that has slipped from sight.   As the fire of faith gasps and yields to despair, the saving power of the Trinity reveals itself to preserve the last dying ember.  In its waning light, lamentation becomes prayer.

Oh blessed ember, heed not the tender strains of night,
For in their shadowed wake fair feathered vigils guard your light,
And ashen wings shall dry your every tear so that you might breathe again.

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