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Trinitas II


Live recording as performed by the Cadenza Chamber Orchestra.
Maya Barsacq, conductor.

Trinitas II, for string orchestra; 10 minutes.
Commissioned by Sharon Latour.  

For our fathers, John Latour, Roger Staples, and Pablo Galindo.
Premiered by the San Jose Chamber Orchestra.
Barbara Day Turner, conductor.

"gracious and weepingly lyrical" -Richard Scheinin (Mercury News)


In Trinitas II, the quiet prayer of a suffering soul has been heard, and into the darkness sinks a tender reply.  Distant echoes of sorrow emerge, a loving sacrifice so that the flames of faith might flourish and blaze into the night.

Oh blessed flame, oh trembling tongue that whispers from the depths,
Find solace in the kindred cries that fall upon your burdens,
For from these ashes shall arise a radiance that dispels the darkest silence.

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