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Vigil, for wind ensemble; 4 minutes.
Commissioned and premiered by the Hillsdale High School Wind Ensemble.  
Kevin Gallagher, conductor.

Vigil is a reflection upon the beauty of enduring friendship. The programmatic nature of the piece is guided entirely by the structure and imagery of its text.

Upon the weathered brow of time, a moment lays to rest

Her failing torch, her lodestar, now cradled in its crest,

And sinking from its misty heights, her crimson cloak drawn low

Leaves in its wake a beacon that sets weary eyes aglow.

Once more begins our vigil.

Once more begins our fight.

As frost unfurls his bitter shrouds

Our shields hold back the blight,

And in the frozen night our call

Resounds to steel our will.

As wind and ice relent and fall

Our ward will find us still.

Through slivered glance and silver rime

Our watch endures the night,

Until upon the crest of time,

A star, a torch, a light...

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